Flys Peak
The Peak
Rank: #8 Summit Elevation: 9,666 ft.
Vegetation: Mexican pine species (Chihuahua pine and Apache pine), followed by Ponderosa pine, Engelmann spruce, and Douglas fir,  aspen, and grassy meadows with wildflowers. Frequently Seen Animals: white-tailed deer, snakes, black bear, coati, hawks, Mexican chicadee, and many other birds.
Hiking Season: May - October  
The Trail
Name: Crest Trail #270 Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Length of Hike (r/t):  6.4 miles Trail Elevation Change: 1,566 ft.
Water: Drinking water at trailhead. Intermittent and non-potable water off trail at Tub Spring (2.4 miles from trailhead, 0.3 mile detour to the east down a trail to the left). Trailhead Elevation: 8,100 ft.
Tips: The Crest Trail is not a single linear feature but a main trail with various spurs and loops connected to it. It runs along the main spine of the Chiricahua Mtns.  Downed logs common along trail since fire. Restrooms at trailhead. The Flys Peak spur branches off after 2.4 miles at a 5-way junction and climbs 600 feet to the summit. Limited views through gaps in forest. Better views available at Centella Point, 1.6 miles beyond Tub Spring. Return the way you came, or if heading on to Chiricahua and Sentinel Peaks, look for a trail heading south toward Chiricahua Peak.
Hiking Permit Needed: Parking fee. Maximum Group Size: 
Dogs Permitted: Yes, leashed. Horses Permitted: Yes (processed feed preferred)
Cross-country Skiing Permitted:  Yes. Mountain Bikes Permitted: No.
Safety Tips: Be sure to bear-proof campsites. Monsoon storms are common during summer months, sometimes lasting several days. Bring raingear and dry clothes, and take care not to get caught above treeline during thunderstorms.
The Drive
General Location: Southeastern corner of AZ Trailhead Accessible to Low-Clearance Vehicles: Yes
Nearest Town: Willcox (to the north) Portal (to the east)  
Directions: From Willcox, take AZ 186 southeast to AZ 181. Turn right on FR42 (Pinery Canyon Rd.) and then turn right onto FR42D. Go 2.5 miles to Rustler Park parking lot. Trailhead is northwest from lot across main road..
More Information
U.S.G.S. Quad Name(s): Chiricahua Peak, Rustler Peak Office of Tourism Region: Old West Country
County: Cochise Managing Agency: Douglas Ranger District, Coronado National Forest, 3081 N.Leslie Canyon Rd., Douglas, AZ 85607, 520-364-3468 
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